How can I integrate with Buffer (Direct Integration)?

The Buffer Integration allows you to connect Buffer profiles and Sniply any links you add to your queue.  If you'd like to easily create Sniply links while in the Buffer dashboard/extension, check out our Sniply Extension with Buffer Support.


Buffer Integration

If you're already using Buffer to intelligently schedule your posts across multiple platforms, you know how useful social media management can be.  What's even better?  All the power and capabilities of Sniply integrated with your Buffer posts – all without any extra steps in your workflow!

Using the Sniply Buffer integration, you can easily connect your Buffer profiles.  You can then turn on the Sniply integration for each Buffer profile.  Each Buffer Profile can be setup independently, turned on or off and connected to a specific Sniply Call-to-Action.


Connect Buffer

First, you'll need to connect your Buffer account so we can edit your Buffer posts.  We will only edit posts from Buffer Profiles you turn on and the Buffer integration can be disabled at anytime.

To start, head over to and click the green "Connect Buffer" button.



A popup window will appear from Buffer confirming the request.  Click the "Allow access" button.  


You're all connected!


Setup your Buffer Profiles

You'll now see a list of your Buffer Profiles.  For each, you can turn on or off AutoSnipping as well as pick which Call-to-Action you'd like to use.



To enable AutoSnipping, simply click the checkbox next to the profile in the table.  You can then select the Call-to-Action you'd like to use by selecting one from the dropdown.  Any changes are automatically saved.



You're all set!  All of the items in your queue will be Snipped as well as anything you add in the future.



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