How does Sniply differ from similar products?

We're proud to be the pioneers who brought the concept of CTA links to the marketing world. Over the years, many similar products have emerged offering similar features.

One thing to watch out for is reliability and support. We invest a lot of resources to develop support for new content types such as Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. Selecting an unprofessional provider could result in broken links, lost opportunities, and a poor brand image. 

It is also to consider the stability of the service. When a linking service goes down, or even shuts down, all of your links will break. This could cause issues for your brand image or even liability issues if you're managing client brands. Especially if these links are used on websites, having them all suddenly 404 could result in major SEO implications.

At Sniply, we invest a lot of resources on build out our infrastructure. We operate on 7 different servers, situated around the world to ensure optimal load times regardless of geographic location. Each of our servers also serve as backup to one another in case of emergencies to ensure optimal uptime.

The web is changing constantly, and it demands our focus and attention on constant mobile optimization for new emerging devices and versions of operating systems. We believe that all of this work is extremely important and this commitment is what drives our product forward.

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