What else can Sniply do besides CTA links?

Sniply is all about putting you in control of the links you share. 

You can add retargeting pixels to all of your Sniply links, allowing you to tag visitors and build custom audiences for remarketing campaigns. Being able to retarget users through curated content is actually quite powerful, since generating original content for the sake of retargeting can be a lot of work.

For example, Deloitte uses Sniply's retargeting features to segment their social media following. They would share content related to personal finance with one retargeting pixel, and content related to professional auditing with another retargeting pixel. They can then retarget their segmented followers using retargeting ads that are designed to target their interests.

You can also do a lot of advanced tracking with Sniply. For example, Ford shares a lot of content but they've never been able to track on-page analytics from their curated content. With Sniply, they can track bounce rates, time on page, pages per visit, and all sorts of on-page analytics through their shared links which results in more insights to help them reshape their curation strategies. 

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