How can I use Sniply with RSS feeds?

Sniply Feeds

If you use feedly, Buffer feeds, Hootsuite Syndicator for Hootlet, or other RSS readers for content discovery and curation, we have some good news! Sniply now supports RSS feeds, which will allow you to snip entire streams of content automatically, then share your favourites as you normally would.

Creating a Feed

Sniply does this by taking existing RSS (or Atom) feeds, converts the links in the feed into snips, then provides another output feed, which you can import into any content discovery and curation tool.

  1. To set up and manage your RSS feeds, go to your dashboard. In the left sidebar, under 'Account Settings' you will see a section titled "RSS Feeds". Below the title, there is a button to "Create a Feed", click it.
  2. This will launch the RSS feed creator, which features a form with two main sections.
    • Feed URL: The URL of an existing feed that you would like to snip.
      • If you don't know the URL of the feed you would like to snip, try typing in the domain name. For example, if you would like to generate snips of techcrunch articles, type in and press the "Save Feed" button at the bottom of the page. Sniply finds relevant feeds on the domain, and suggests them for you. In this case, it recommends two feeds: the article feed and the comments feed. Copy the feed you would like to use and paste it into the Feed URL text box.
    • Sniply Call-To-Action: The Call-To-Action  that you would like to use when snipping the feed. Whichever link you choose will affect how the Sniply bar looks on all of the links in the output feed. Sniply recommends your past 20 snips, but if you would like to customize the bar for this feed, just create a new snip with the bar exactly as you would like it, then select that link.
  3. When you have found and entered the correct Feed URL and Sniply Call-To-Action, press "Select". This will take you back to the dashboard. Now if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a table with your newly created feed. The last column of this table will give you the "Output Feed". This is the feed that you should use in your favourite content discovery/curation apps. 



Using a Feed

When you have your Output Feed, you can use it in external apps to create entire feeds that are automatically snipped with your favourite message. Below is a description of how to use the Output Feed with feedly, but the steps are very similar for other RSS readers, Buffer feeds, Hootsuite Syndicator, feedburner, etc.

feedly: Go to your feedly dashboard and click "Add Content". Paste the url of the Sniply Output Feed into the text box that says "Enter the url, title or topic of the website you want to add". This shows the Sniply Feed, click to "+feedly" button to add the feed to your feedly account.



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