Why can't I Snip Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages?

While Sniply supports most sites, there are certain sites with sensitive security that we don’t allow Snipping. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are unfortunately among them.

You can still set your button to link to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages. You can also create Sniply links while sharing on these social networks. The only thing you can't do is to Snip the social network pages themselves.

There’s a difference in security settings between content sites (Forbes, Mashable, NYTimes) and web apps (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) since they handle lots of private information. 

Thankfully, it’s much more common for social networks to be used as sharing platforms as opposed to being shared themselves!

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    I'm using Sniply on Linkedin, the problem is that when you are using the app of linkedin, they remove the sniply part of the link. so you don't see the banner. I tried to mix the sniply links with bitly but it happens the same.
    Thanks for your time

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