How can I embed Sniply into my Website or Blog?




  • Sam Stinson

    All the outbound links from my blog will point to Sniply domain. Could that in anyway cause us SEO problems, as all or most outbound links will point to the same site,
    that is yours?

  • Nigel

    Hey Sam, great question! The links themselves don't actually point to the Sniply domain, so it won't affect your SEO at all. We just have some code that catches when a user clicks on a link, then redirects them to the correct Sniply page rather than sending them to the original destination. That means that all of your links will still point to their intended page when Google or any other bot crawls your domain.

  • Brahms Yaya

    Hi, we did insert the line of code, but sniply doesn't detect it. Can you help me on this ? Thanks !

  • Nigel

    Hi Brahms, it looks like your webserver was returning a 500 error when we queried it from our servers. I've manually verified it for you now though, so you should be able to go into your settings on your dashboard and set it up exactly how you like

  • Ivan Kleschev

    Hi, Nigel!

    Thank you wery match!
    In instructions I read that domain will be my site
    Bat I see in bar that domain stay ""
  • Nigel

    Hi Ivan,

    I think you are interested in the custom domain feature:

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