How Do I Export My Form Submissions From Sniply?

Sniply and Zapier

Sniply now allows you to export your form submissions into any one of the hundreds of apps that are integrated into Zapier!

If you haven't heard of Zapier before, here is a brief explanation of what they do. The short version is that Zapier has over 300 popular web applications that are able to send messages to each other over Zapier. It is basically a portal that allows you to set up all the interactions you need between different apps online. Zapier supports all kinds of really helpful apps, like:

  • Email Marketing Services (like Mailchimp, Aweber or Gmail)
  • Social Networks (like Facebook and Twitter)
  • CRMs (like Hubspot, Insightly, and Microsoft Access)
  • Marketing Platforms (like Positionly, Hootsuite and Buffer)


And tons more!

Set Up

What this means for you is that you can know integrate Sniply with any of these web apps! To get started, sign up for Zapier at then complete the following instructions:

  1. Once you are signed up, you will be taken to your dashboard, which will have no Zaps. Click "Make a New Zap". This will take you to the page to set up how to transfer your form submission into a different web app. 
  2. On the page to make a new Zap, search for Sniply as the trigger app. Sniply acts as a trigger app, meaning that it will trigger the action you are defining whenever someone fills in your Sniply Form call-to-action. After you choose Sniply, choose the "New Form Submission Received" trigger, as pictured below:
  3. After this, choose an Action app (the app where you would like to send form submissions) and what you would like the action app to do with the incoming form submission.
  4. Press Continue, and a second step will show up on the Zapier page. This step allows you to connect your Sniply account to Zapier.
  5. Press Continue, and a third step will show up on the Zapier page. Depending on what type of Action app you are using, you may have to configure some additional account with Zapier. After you are done, press Continue again.
  6. In the fourth Zapier step you can choose to filter when this action happens (for example, you may want to send the form submissions for a certain profile to one and and the form submissions for a different profile to a different app, which means you would have to set up two different Zaps, each one filtering on the Profile Name).
  7. Once you have set up any filtering, continue with the Action app configuration. After this, you should be able to test and turn on your new Zap. 


 Happy Integrating! Below is a full setup for a Zap that will email you whenever someone fills out one of your Sniply Forms.


Zapier Alternative: We Wired Web

Looking for a flexible automation tool to use with Sniply?  Now you can connect Sniply to hundreds of web apps using We Wired Web (WWW) at
WWW is the next generation of web automation tools, with lots more functionality than similar tools like Zapier.  Each automated task in WWW can consist of one or more triggers that invoke one or more actions.  For example, a single Sniply task can add a row to a spreadsheet, update a CRM, and send a notification all when a new form submission is received.
No technical skills are needed to create automated tasks.  Just simply point and click on the presented options as you connect triggers and actions together.
Complex scheduling rules can be defined so that your tasks only process during certain windows of time, e.g. Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm.
The really unique thing about WWW is that all triggers and actions are implemented as visual wiring diagrams.  The Sniply trigger for new snips can be viewed here
People with some basic technical skills can customize the system with the assembly wiring editor.  It is an open sandbox with over 150 data processing parts that can connect to API's and transform data.  Each processing part has a sample assembly to demonstrate its usage.  Over 1,700 assembly wiring diagrams are already in the system to learn from and copy.
If you need custom processing but can't or don't want to do it yourself, you can pay to have customizations implemented for you.  Since there is usually no coding involved, the fee to build customized functionality is usually very modest.  Most custom functionality can be provided within a day or two, payable upon your satisfaction.
So if you need complex workflow automations or custom data processing, give We Wired Web a try!
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    Neil Ferree

    I tried to set up a new zap but the configuration didn't cycle. Would be helpful if you guys could work up a video on how to export snips using the zapier api set.

  • 0

    Hey Neil, I'd be happy to help you set it up! What exactly do you mean by "the configuration didn't cycle"? Which app are you trying to integrate with through Zapier?

    You might find some of the pre-made zaps useful:

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