How does Sniply handle UTM Tags?

As marketers, we know the value of tracking analytics through UTM tags.  Sniply handles UTM tags seamlessly and effortlessly!


You can manage how Sniply handles UTM tags for your sniply links on the UTM Tags section of your dashboard.


UTM tags can appear in 3 places:

  • Destination Pages (the framed page behind the Call-To-Action, ie.
  • Sniply Call-To-Actions (buttons, etc)
  • Profile Name/Logo Links


We handle UTM tags transparently with intelligent defaults and smart inheritance.  Here's how it works:

For each UTM tag, you can set default values to be set.  The default values we automatically setup for you are outlined in this table: 


UTM Tag Sniply Default Value
utm_campaign sniply
utm_source sniply
utm_medium sniply
utm_content None (not set)
utm_term None (not set)


If you enable the 'Override these defaults with UTM tags in the URL' option, which is enabled by default, we will use UTM tags in the sniply url (ie. instead of your defaults.

For each link, we will also check for the presence of each UTM tag (utm_campaign, utm_source, etc).  If there's a UTM tag set, we don't touch, modify or remove it.  If you set a UTM tag in a link you give Sniply, we'll never alter it.  For example, when snipping we'll never replace the utm_campaign=test, ever.


That's the detailed view of how UTM tags are handled in Sniply.  We want to build Sniply for maximum flexibility - if there's something that's not working with your workflow, let us know!


Turning off UTM Tags on Your Account

If you'd like to turn off UTM tags on your account (this is most likely because you are trying to Snip a website that doesn't handle UTM), then just do the following:

1) Go to the UTM area in your dashboard

2) Make sure all of the text input boxes have nothing in them (delete the defaults), including the utm_source, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_campaign, and utm_content fields.

3) Uncheck the checkbox that says "Override these defaults with UTM tags in the URL

4) Click Save Changes

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