How does Sniply Traffic Appear in Google Analytics?

Great question!  We've worked hard to make Sniply disturb the way your links normally work as much as possible.

For the most part, traffic to sniply pages will be identical to regular traffic without sniply.  The snipped page runs completely normally, so any analytics it would normally collect will not be affected.

Several items to note:

  • All traffic from Sniply will show up with '' as the referrer.  That means that all traffic will appear under 'Referral' traffic with '' as your Referral Path.  Note - if you're using a custom domain, you will see that custom domain as your Referral Path instead of
  • We preset UTM tags (used to track campaigns) for you.  If you've set UTM tags in the link you send us, we will honor those tags and not overwrite them.  You can view these parameters under 'Campaigns' in Google Analytics.  Here are details on how we handle UTM parameters.


Of course, you can also view all of these analytics, including the original referring source and engagement metrics using the Sniply Dashboard.


NOTE: If you'd like to install custom analytics tracking on 3rd party pages, you can do that with our Custom Analytics settings.

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