It says my website isn't supported, how can I fix that?

To enable Sniply on your website, you have two options:

Option A: JavaScript

This is by far the preferred method because it will optimize your site for Sniply, prevent iframe security risks, and allow Snips to redirect to your domain rather than staying on To enable Sniply on your site, just go to "Integrations" -> "Embed on Website/Blog" on your dashboard and follow the instructions to add a single script to your website. A full explanation of how the JavaScript solution works can be found here.

Option B: HTTP Headers

This is a secondary option which requires you to set the X-Frame-Options response header, which will allow anyone to frame your site.

Here's a Mozilla document explaining X-Frame-Options and how to set it in popular server configurations:  Note that rather than 'SAMEORIGIN', you need to set it to 'ALLOW'.

If you have any issues setting up the X-Frame-Options header, or if you to set the X-Frame-Options header to allow ONLY for Sniply requests, let us know at what web server/framework you're using and we can send over specific instructions/code.

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