LinkedIn Company Page Posts with Sniply Link Redirecting to Blank Page

If you're posting sniply links to your company page on LinkedIn and clicking on the link leads to a blank page, you've stumbled across a LinkedIn glitch!  Thankfully we've got a workaround:


Incorrect Method

When you generate a Sniply link, we'll give you a simple link, something that looks like  When you load that link in a browser, we add the original URL of the underlying page to make the experience more seamless for your readers, generating a link something like  (note the '#' followed by the original URL).  LinkedIn Company Pages don't like the '#' and following text, so you shouldn't post this version of the link to your company page!


Correct Method

Make sure any Sniply links you post to your LinkedIn Company Page is the 'short' Sniply link, not including the original URL.  For instance, instead of posting, post everything up to the '#' -


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