How do I snip within Buffer, Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, etc?

This guide will teach you how to snip anywhere create snips using the AutoSnip feature



Step 1: Install the Sniply Extension

We integrate with Buffer/Hootsuite/Facebook/Twitter/etc through our browser extensions, so the first thing you need to do is install Sniply on your browser:

Click here to install Chrome Extension
Click here to install Firefox Extension

Once installed, the extension will automatically integrate with Buffer/Hootsuite/Facebook/Twitter/etc. If installed properly, you should see a Sniply icon in the extensions bar of your browser.


Step 2: Login to Buffer/Hootsuite/Facebook/Twitter/etc

When you login toBuffer/Hootsuite/Facebook/Twitter/etc with Sniply installed on your browser, you should see a new Sniply icon in the message interface.



Step 3: Create Sniply links using Buffer/Hootsuite/Facebook/Twitter/etc

You can use this Sniply icon to create Sniply links! Just click on it and it will open up a Sniply creator directly within Buffer/Hootsuite/Facebook/Twitter/etc. Simply select the call-to-action you'd like to use and include the domain you'd like to snip, and the new Sniply link will be added to your post!


Bonus Tip: Save time with the Auto-Snip feature!

Simply paste the link into the text box in Buffer/Hootsuite/Facebook/Twitter/etc and Sniply will automatically snip the link using your most previously used Call-to-Action! You can toggle this feature on or off by right clicking on the Sniply icon in your browser, and selecting Options.




Done! You just learned how to use the AutoSnip feature from our browser plugins

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