What is a Brand?

Every Snip not only contains a message, but also a photo and a name. Which photo and name a Snip shows depends on the Brand that it was created under. A Brand contains several settings: photo, name, home URL, and custom domain.

If you are promoting yourself, you would enter your full name and upload a photo of yourself as the Brand. If you are promoting a company, you would enter your company name and upload a logo of your business.

Call-to-actions are not the only clickable elements in a Snip. Visitors can also click on your profile photo or name, and where that links to is determined by the home URL.

Custom domain designates the output format of your Snips. By default, Sniply Links look something like "snip.ly/abcd". If a custom domain is set, then you can generate Snips like "mysite.co/abcd". 

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Got it? Now you can learn how to create a brand!


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