What is a Call-to-Action?

Call-to-Actions contain groups of snips sharing common characteristics. Call-to-Actions contain your message and action link along with your customization settings. Every snip belonging to a single Call-to-Action will share those settings.

For example, Call-to-Action A can contain a blue button linking to google.com. If there are 30 snips assigned to Call-to-action A, then all 30 snips will contain the blue button linking to google.com.

Any changes I make to Call-to-Action A will apply to all 30 snips. Any new snips I create under Call-to-Action A will also reflect these settings. Call-to-Actions are great for organizing groups of snips and segmenting the analytics for different marketing initiatives.

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Got it? Now you can learn how to Create a Call-to-Action

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    Carolyn Reinhart

    My call to action sniply disappeared when I use Buffer - where did it go?

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    Sniply generates Sniply links that should look something like "snip.ly/demo1". You can share these links anywhere you'd like, just like any other links you share. Anyone who clicks on your Sniply link will see the page along with your message inside.

    As long as you've shared your unique Sniply link through Buffer, then the call-to-action should be preserved! 

    If you suspect that the page you're sharing doesn't support Sniply, you can use the following method to check for Sniply support https://sniply.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003801443 

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