Team Members: Administrator or Client?

Each member of your Sniply Team can either be an Administrator or a Client.


Administrators have full access to your account, including:

  • Viewing and changing account-wide settings
  • Viewing and changing billing information
  • Inviting new team members
  • Deleting pending team member invites
  • Viewing and changing team members roles

Team members with the Administrator role should be individuals you trust.  Typically they would be employees or co-workers and help to manage your account.


Clients, on the other hand, have limited access to your account.  Specifically, they cannot:

  • View or change account-wide settings
  • View or change billing information
  • Invite new team members
  • Delete pending team member invites
  • View or change team member roles

Clients have full access to the brands you've allowed them to have access to and can create and view those brand's call-to-actions and Sniply links.

The Client role is suitable for clients you're working for or individuals you'd like to have access to your Sniply account in a more restricted manner.

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