Why can't I login to the Sniply Extension?

Oh no!  If you're finding that even if you're logged in to the Sniply dashboard you're not logged in on the extension, it is probably because you have Third-Party Cookies disabled.


Here's how to enable Third-Party Cookies for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.



Step 1: Open Chrome Settings


Step 2: Click "Show advanced settings..." at the bottom of the page


Step 3: Click the "Content settings..." button under the Privacy heading



Step 4: Ensure the "Block third-party cookies and site data" is UNCHECKED





Step 1: Open Firefox Settings


Step 2: Click the "Privacy" tab on the left sidebar menu



Step 3: Ensure the History setting is set to "Remember history"




Step 1: Open Safari Preferences


Step 2: Click the "Privacy" tab on the top menu



Step 3: Ensure the Cookies and website data setting is set to "Allow from websites I visit" (or "Always allow")





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