How do I create a Remarketing Pixel on Facebook?

Step 1: Visit Facebook Audiences to "Create a Custom Audience"

Login to Facebook and navigate to


Step 2: Select the "Website Traffic" option

Facebook offers several types of custom audiences. For Sniply, we want to use the Website Traffic audience.


Step 3: Create a new Facebook Pixel

Give your Facebook Pixel a name, agree to the terms, and click the Create Pixel button


You've successfully created your Facebook Pixel.
Now let's start using it!


Step 4: Open up the menu and navigate to Assets > Pixels

You'll find the Facebook Ads Manager navigation menu in the top left corner


Step 5: Click on the "View Pixel Code" button

If you don't see this screen, it could also be under Actions > View Pixel Code

Step 6: Copy your Facebook Pixel code

You can add this code to any page or link to begin populating your new custom audience!


Step 7: Add your Pixel Code to your Sniply links

Now that you've created a pixel and grabbed the code, you can proceed to our next tutorial on how to add Retargeting Pixels to all your Sniply Links.




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