How do I create a Facebook Audience for my snips?

Before you begin...

You must first Create a Facebook Pixel and Add the Pixel to your Sniply links. Once you've completed both steps, you can proceed!


Step 1: Visit Facebook Audiences to Create a "Custom Audience"

Login to Facebook and navigate to


Step 2: Select the "Website Traffic" option

To target people who clicked on our snips, we want to use the Website Traffic audience.


Step 3: Select the "People who visit specific web pages" option

You'll find this dropdown selection under Website Traffic.


Step 4: Enter "" under the "URL Contains" field

This will segment your audience to include only visitors who have visited your Sniply links


Step 5: Give your audience a name and click "Create Audience"

Once created, you'll be able to use this as a target audience when creating a Facebook Ad.


That's it! Once you have at least 20 people in your Audience, you can begin targeting them with Facebook Ads.



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